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Libido Edge Capsules 180 Caps from Libido Edge

Libido Edge Capsules 180 Caps
By Libido Edge
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Libido Edge Capsules Description

Libido EdgeTCapsules are a natural sexual enhancement formula for both men and women that enhances and supports:

. Increased libido and sexual desire
. Enhance Erectile Function
. Intensifies orgasms and climax
. More energy and stamina
. Nitric Oxide Support (NO2)
. Encourages fat loss
. Anti-Aging support
. May enhance size

A very highly effective herbal formula that is blended to provide fast results.

Libido Edge Capsules Additional Notes

Key Ingredients:

1. Epimedium, also known as Horny Goat Weed has been used successfully for centuries to improve sexual function, improve blood flow and kidney cleanse and support.

2. Maca Root Extract is used by men and women to increase strength, energy, stamina, libido and sexual function. Known to "put the fire" back into sex lives.

3. L-Arginine Ethyl Ester is a precursor of Nitric Oxide (NO2) which is responsible for vasodiolation, increased blood flow and supports erectile function.

4. Tongkat Ali Root will boost sex drive and function, in both men and women by building testosterone. It also contains protective antioxidants which inhibit cellular aging.

5. Tribulus Terrestris (Bulgarian) The hormone balancing effects for women makes this herb suitable for premenstrual syndrome and menopausal syndrome. For men, it not only helps protect the prostrate but helps with impotence. It is also an excellent liver rejuvenator for all.

6. Muria Puama Extract is an herb used as an aphrodisiac by men and women. It boots and prolongs sexual performance, impotence and overall health. Women use it to allieviate cramps and discomfort.

7. Catuaba Bark Extract is an aphrodisiac and libido stimulant for males and females and to tone, balance, and calm the central nervous system (and for nerve pain, exhaustion, over stimulation).It is also used for nervousness, emotional stress, and insomnia (related to overactive neurotransmitters) Catuaba is considered an "innocent" aphrodisiac, meaning no adverse side effects have been reported in its use. This herb combines well with Brazilian Muira Puama root.

8. Macuna Puriens Extract (L-Dopa) has been used to increase sexual desire and ability. It also aids in the production of a hormone commonly associated with the "pleasure system" of the brain, providing feelings of enjoyment and motivation. L- Dopa contains natural secretagogues which may support the body's ability to stimulate the natural release of growth hormone. The blood carries the dopamine into the brain, where it naturally increases HGH production from the pituitary gland. The increased dopamine levels also optimize the production of other hormones, including testosterone, leading to increased sex drive and improved sexual performance for both men and women, beneficial in stimulating muscle growth, as well as burning fat from fat cells.

Libido Edge Capsules Recommended Use

Take 4-6 capsules daily throughout the day on an empty stomach. For a more immediate response prior to intimacy, take up to 4 capsules 2 hours before activity. Both directions may be used the same day if needed.


If you have an erection lasting for more than 4 hours, seek medical attention. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use if you are pregnant or lactating. If you are using medications or have any medical conditions, please check with your doctor before using this product.